Monday, October 11, 2010

Public Relations in Strategic Management and Strategic Management of Public Relations: theory and evidence from the IABC Excellence project

From James E. Grunig and Larissa A. Grunig

My name is Pham Hoang Anh, hope you enjoy reading it!

As the title of this journal, we can realize that they establish about one of the important roles to build the effectiveness for organization. That is Public Relations and in this article, Public Relation is a critical part of an organization’s strategic management processes and of the consequent strategic management of public relations in an effective organization. This article started by elaborating of theory of the value of strategic management in public relations. During this entry, I will tell you the result of this research and what is my opinion about it.

One of the results of this research is that they have the theory that can apply in any organization around the world. And I do agree with their scheme that different organization, culture or political – economic systems must appear with different concepts. Even I do not have any experience for any organization in the real life but I think different countries have extreme different culture, for example, between Western and Asia. We cannot apply the same concepts to the dissimilar of values, which are independence versus communalism and consensus – society before self. Especially, we are living in the society with the harmony and maintaining social stability so we need the theory that relevant with organization itself. Furthermore, we also cannot apply the similarity theory between the huge organization and the small company.

There are two research questions for the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of organization function, but I only want to express about the ineffectiveness question which is “how must public relations be practiced and the communication function organized for it to contribute the most to organizational effectiveness?” The answer of this question that is they engage public relations into the strategic management consistently to contribute the best successful for organization and I am of the same mind with that answer. In another words, public relations must follow the strategically method to become the excellent public relations for any company that we want to work with. In the end of this part, I may say that it is also the most important point of this article is about.

Now I want to move on to the other topic of this article, which are how public relations contributes to organizational effectiveness. This part talks about how to measure the excellent in manager, even I know this is one of the component to contribute successful organization but I do not prefer this part to interested in it because I think it focus about organization behavior than public relations or strategic management. In the other hand, I totally agree that writers defined excellence in public relations as the theoretical relationship between characteristic of public relations and indicators of organization effectiveness. Personally, it is really concise and very tie definition for public relations. As what I have learned so far, public relations involve activities that work to design a strong public image for your company or organization, no matter you work for the big organization or small company, public relation practitioners must help the public to understand not only the outer surface of company but also the mission of what they are doing.


  1. Hi Jenny! I would like to second the part where you mentioned about how one cannot apply the same PR theory in two different areas. In this case, the Eastern and the Western. One extreme example would be that of Singapore and America. Singapore is known for their conservative culture whereas the US are more open in their thoughts. In Singapore, most if not all organizations put the society before self so Jenny, you got that right. It would be impossible to implement PR strategies that suit the American culture in Singapore as it may result in dire consequences. Therefore, one have to keep in mind that organizations with different cultures cannot apply the same PR strategies.

  2. Hi jenny. It is indeed true that strategic management process in public relations lead to good organizational performance and help a company to achieve successful goal.
    I agree with you that different organization have different culture, different environment and society. Therefore, Public Relations practitioners are required to come up with strategic management that match them.

  3. Yea I think strategic management is about implying the most suitable strategies that reflect the business environment. and like you said that different countries have different culture, thus the strategies that u implement must based on research about the culture , etc. PR practitioners cant repeat the same strategy because what works previously for other company may not work for your company or in other society.

  4. Hi, I agree to your statement that saying public relations must follow the strategically method to become the excellent public relations for any company that we want to work with. However, merely following isn't always the best way to become an excellent public relations. We need to completely understand about what the company's background and objective. We couldn't simply implement the same strategy for 2 different organizations. As every organization has its own background and culture, therefore it is vital for the PR practitioner to do any proper research where its necessary. The same thing goes for the organization in Western and Asian countries, PR practitioner couldn't implement the same strategy to both organizations. As western countries prior the individuality while the Asian countries are more towards harmonious living.