Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog schedule

Hi fellow HEADZ team members and readers!
To avoid possible complications, the following is the schedule for the individual post updates:

Week 4, due 21/09/10
Nur Haryanti
Week 10 reading: Writing a Media Release

Week 5, due 27/09/10
Cindy Charisma
Week 6 reading: "Risk, Uncertainty and Crisis" of Media Relations

Week 6, due 04/10/10
Indah Purnamasari
Chapter 10: Timelines and Budgets

Week 7: Trimester break

Week 8, due 18/10/10
Pham Hoang Anh Jenny
Week 3 reading: Public Relations in Strategic Management and Strategic Management of Public Relations: theory and evidence from the IABC Excellence project

Week 9, due 26/10/10
Nadia Ingrida Kanali
Week 4 reading: